Our 'problem oriented-solution focused partnership initiatives'based on the realization that 'Tomorrow is Created Today'.

India is blessed with three unique advantages, Democracy, Demographic Dividend and Demand to make it the most powerful nation in the world. Among them, Demographic Dividend defines the other Ds and decides the future of India. Mission Better Tomorrow is a broad platform of few social experiments initiated in Kerala to convert the huge youth bulge of the country to a unique demographic advantage that makes India the most successful country of the 21st century. 'Mission Better Tomorrow' attempts to realize the dream, a better tomorrow for India and the Indians! An India where people willfully abide by the laws of the land, where people exercise better civic sense, where everyone explores their inner capabilities to the fullest, where everyone devotionally practice cleanliness, where children are mentored appropriately so that they don't suffer from behavioral, emotional, social and learning issues and an India where parents, teachers and society are scientifically enabled to fulfill their responsibilities towards children!

Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project

SPC enables high school students to evolve as responsible and capable citizen of a democratic society by inculcating within them respect for the law, inner capability, self-discipline, civic sense, empathy for vulnerable sections....

Our Responsibility to Children (ORC) Project

ORC is a consciously tailored intervention to ensure better protection and development of children through responsible, capable and collective mentoring by parents, teachers, society and peers.

Nanma Foundation

NANMA is an effort to create a platform to guide, mentor and handhold school children from the resource limited families, to motivate and enable them to realize inner strengths, develop right attitude and encourage them...

Punyam Poonkavanam

Poonkavanam or the Divine Grove, as the forest around Sabarimala Shrine is known, is seat pristine glory of Nature and spiritual purity. But not many pilgrims are responding positively to this, it seems. The core problem during the pilgrimage ....